Name: Cathy W Martin

Credentials: Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Oregon State University

Professional Qualifications: four years of e-marketing experience, working in the data security industry.

I started my career with newsoftwares.net as a marketing associate in February, 2009, soon after graduating from college. Recently back in Jan, 2012, I was promoted to marketing manager. As a marketing manager, I am expected to come up with game-changing marketing strategies, which requires me to constantly be engaged in researching and experimenting with different e-marketing approaches. However, for me to successfully market our product, I need to know everything there is to know about Data Security. As a result, during my four years working with New Softwares, I have developed in-depth knowledge in the following areas: effective e-marketing strategies and approaches, Identity theft, online fraud, file and data security, portable data storage device security, mobile phone data security, and file encryption standards. My experience with e-marketing and detailed knowledge on data security during these four years had made me an expert in the file data security industry. In fact, I have written several hundred of articles simply dedicated to file security products alone during my career. In summary, I believe that I have the knowledge, competence, skills, and the attitude needed to write an effective and detailed articles related to file and data security.

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